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Company Profile

Chartering a path of Consistent Growth Equity Broking Mutual Fund Distributor

Insurance Agency Property investments Personal Financial Advisor Management Consultancy

An Investor’s ParadiseInvestment is a business of trust. ‘WASANKAR’ has been a trusted name in the filed of financial advise and investments for 23 years.

A proprietary business established in 1989, has steadily grown over the years to become one of the leading wealth management companies in Maharashtra. The reach has not been limited only to Maharashtra but is steadily spreading all over India and even abroad.

Wasankar Wealth is credited with being a pioneer in popularizing the concept of personal financial advisor and Family Financial Doctor.

In a short span of 30 months after introducing the concept of Financial Advice for a fee, revenue from advisory fee has crossed Rs.5 Crore mark with client base crossing 5K mark.


Corporate Logo

Celebrating 23 years of Trust! A picture is worth a thousand words. Our Logo is a symbolic representation of our over all business theme. The logo is based on birds flying in a formation. The logo incorporates two flying birds with a glowing sun in the background guiding them to their destination. The two flying birds represent intellectual wealth and financial wealth guided by Wasankar Wealth Management Ltd represented by the glowing sun.

Vision and Mission

A Wealth Management Company, of investors, by investors and for investors to benefit from
India’s rapid Growth towards becoming a Super Economic Power
What is unique about us?

Celebrating 23 years of Trust! We dared to put investors first before profits. We introduced the concept of fee based unbiased advice which has put Wasankar Wealth on fast track growth. Our subscription base has already crossed 5000 mark in a short span of 3 years.
Our mission is not only to create and augment financial wealth for investors but also to educate them on the changing trends in economy and finance in India and abroad which in turn would enable them to share in the economic growth of the country.

We understand that we are running a business for profit but we strongly believe that business would grow rapidly and profits would flow continuously if we are successful in achieving our mission. Our belief has been validated by the outstanding results we have achieved so far.

Business Ethics

Celebrating 23 years of Trust! Our business ethics is founded on ‘Four Way Test’. We have made four way test a way of life in all our dealings with investors, vendors, stake holders and any one who comes in contact with us. Our core strength is ‘TRANSPARENCY’.


Quality Policy

Celebrating 23 years of Trust! Quality is a way of life in Wasankar Wealth.Consistent with our vision and mission, our quality policy has been designed with the key objective of win-win-situation for all.

W Win-Win Situation for ALL

E Empowering Investors through Education

A Applied Research for Informed Investment Decisions

L Leadership through Training and Innovation

T Target Oriented Strategies for Continual Improvement

H Holistic Approach with Compliance to Requirements

Human Resource Policy

Our quality objective ‘WIN-WIN situation for all’ includes our employees too. Our policy is aimed at ensuring the growth of employees and betterment of their life style through periodical training, encouraging continuous education through incentive schemes and counseling for setting and achieving goals not only in work but also in their lives. We believe that HR is not merely restricted to recruitment, salary and promotions but also encompasses the family and their welfare. Annual picnic to different cities in India is arranged for staff and their family.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We strongly believe that Corporate Social Responsibility is devoting time and resources for the betterment of the community that is served by a Company. In pursuance of this belief, we have in place a policy of spreading Financial Literacy through meets, seminars, workshops and articles in print media. Recognizing the need for starting financial literacy at a young age, our campaign includes periodical lectures at junior and senior colleges. Career guidance in the field of finance and investments and providing practical knowledge through internships is another major effort in discharging our responsibility to the community.


Visionaries do not rely on known paths to create landmarks. Instead, while dreaming of the future,
they pave their way fearlessly into unexplored territories to create their own benchmarks.

Celebrating 23 years of Trust!

Dr. Prashant Wasankar
Chairman & Managing Director

Dr. Prashant Wasankar is the founder of Wasankar Wealth Management Ltd. A cost accountant with doctorate in Financial Management, his vision has spear headed the rapid growth and establishing the Company as one of the leading wealth managers in Maharashtra.

True to his belief that visionaries create their own path and tread where no one dares, he has been responsible for redefining investment concepts & research methodologies and sharing the same with the public through his articles and seminars.

His dedication to creating informed and empowered investors through his articles in print

media and seminars has earned him the accolade of ‘INVESTMENT GURU’ from the media and public.

Celebrating 23 years of Trust!

Mr. Vinay Wasankar
Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Vinay Wasankar is a graduate in computer engineering with more than a decade of experience as Technical Analyst. He is instrumental in bringing out revolutionary ideas in the field of technical analysis and innovative investment strategies to meet the challenges posed by the ever changing scenario in the world economy and finance.

Celebrating 23 years of Trust!
Mr. Ramkumar Iyer
Chief Advisor

Mr. Ramkumar Iyer has more than 3 decades of experience in the field of finance and accounts. He served as officer with Comptroller and Auditor General of India for 25 years before taking voluntary retirement. He specialized in performance appraisal of Companies. He has to his credit the prestigious assignment as member of Indian Audit Team to United Nations. A firm believer of result oriented approach; he widened his experience as Management Consultant in private sector. He also has more than 2 decades of experience in fundamental and technical analysis and an ardent follower of Elliot Wave Theory. He has a passion for teaching and unconventional approach in sharing his knowledge and experience.

His two favorite quotes are
“If there is anything certain in Markets, it is uncertainty’
“It is not worth learning if it is complicated, when it comes to investments”

Wealth Managers

Celebrating 23 years of Trust!

Wasankar Team in action is led by a group of qualified (Post Graduates, CFA and MBA’s) and experienced leaders. They act as Wealth Managers with the objective of ‘Save your time and make your wealth work for you’ by acting as an effective link between the investors and the Company.


A trusted name for 23 years

The journey of Wasankar started in 1989 as a sub broker. It was an era when tech revolution in stock markets was yet to start. Data for technical analysis was not readily available like today. A major chunk of the time was spent in reconciling the trades and arranging for the delivery of stocks. All this did not deter the Wasankar brothers. Dr.Prashant Wasankar with his brother Vinay Wasankar started emerging as a leading advisor in stock markets. True to the saying ‘Where there is a will there is a way’, Wasankar brothers found out innovative ways to obtain data and technically interpret them. Dr.Prashant Wasankar had a natural gift to gauge the strength or weakness of market and sectors and lead the investors in the right path. Expansion took place gradually to include mutual funds, insurance and realty as part of business portfolio. Navigating successfully two decades in which market has seen tech boom, tech crash, initial reform boom, long consolidation for 12 years and the golden era of market from 2002, Wasankar became a household name not only in Nagpur and Maharashtra but in several parts of the Country and with NRIs abroad.

Investing in investors

They say the best investment is to invest in oneself. Dr.Prashant Wasankar gave a new dimension and decided that the best way to grow is to invest in investors. He started a campaign of financial literacy and investor education through articles in print media and seminars in various parts of Vidharbha. Once again deviating from the conventional discussions about specific stocks and sectors, he focused on educating investors about need for regular savings, starting investments early to benefit from the power of compounding, managing risk, investment concepts, and macro analysis of markets using fundamental & technical analysis. His efforts earned Dr.Prashant Wasankar the accolade of ‘Investment Guru’.

Strategic Shift

Vision of Dr.Prashant Wasankar was much ahead of the times and he recognized that the future lies in providing true wealth management services. Thus, Wasankar Wealth Management Ltd was born in 2008 with the unique business model of life Membership and fee based services to its members. The focus shifted from mere broking or commission agent for mutual funds and insurance to providing customized investment solutions and acting as wealth managers to its members. Though payment of a fee for advice was totally alien to investors, innovative investment concepts and successful track record quickly convinced the investors of the advantage in becoming a life member. Increase in fee from Rs.20K to Rs.100K in a short span of 30 months and a membership base of 3000 plus and growing at 50% per annum is testimony to the success and indication of where the Company is heading.