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Products & Services

Over the past 23 years, Wasankar Wealth has consistently followed the policy of continuous improvement in
creating and delivering products and services. Research is the backbone for effective wealth management.
Wasankar Research, an in-house research division, keeps a constant vigil on both macro and micro economic
and corporate situation to develop investment styles to suit the economic and market conditions.
Our Products

We provide customized investment solutions for wealth management covering Gold, Direct Equity, Leveraging, Equity Mutual Funds, Debt Mutual Funds, Realty and Taxation.

Apart from advice on investment solutions, we offer
Dmat and trading facility,
IPO subscription,
Mutual Fund subscription and redemption
Buying/selling properties

Our core products are portfolio creation and restructuring for Equity, Mutual Fund and Insurance


Our Services

Product Process

There cannot be one solution for all and there cannot be one solution for all times. Our product process is based on three important universally accepted principles.

‘If there is anything certain in markets, it is uncertainty’

‘Other things being equal, the simplest solution is the best one’

‘Cash is an important part of portfolio and Cash is King’

Our approach to investment solutions is a 5 step process

Asses Market Wide Risk
Decide Asset Allocation
Design Core Portfolio
Design Satellite Portfolio
Identify tactical potential for opportunity portfolio

Wasankar Research employs both fundamental and technical analysis in creating and managing portfolios

Key investment concepts/techniques
Valuing market and stocks with moving averages
Valuing market with macro growth factors – Market Capitalization, GDP and earnings
Forecasting market reversals with Elliot Wave
Secured growth with PSUs
Enhancing returns with satellite portfolios for capturing cyclical bull runs in industries
Portfolio approach to capture momentum based on potential reforms
Low-risk high returns leveraging with options strategies
Product Delivery

Wasankar Wealth follows a unique 3E principle

Enable – Advisory Services
Execute – Implementing the selected strategies
Evaluate – Monitoring and Restructuring

The motto is ‘SAVE YOUR TIME AND GROW YOUR WEALTH’ Wasankar Wealth believes in personal approach. Our Weekly Investors’ Meet held every Sunday keeps the investors in touch with economy, market and the suggested strategies. Exclusive sessions are held from time to time to discuss major happenings and strategies to be adopted in line with changing economic and market scenario. Annual Review of Market and Economy is held through seminar titled WEALTHNOMICS. Audio Video Relay is accessible any where from the world through www.wasankarwealth.com

Investors’ Meets are supplemented with
Weekly Navigator by email
Monthly Radar by email
Special Reports on economy, market and strategies by email
Special Reports on Equity linked Insurance Schemes by email
SMS alerts for buying and selling based on suggested strategies
SMS alerts for IPO recommendations
SMS alerts for new fund offers by mutual funds

Wasankar Wealth offers professional and trained ‘WEALTH MANAGERS’

who will be in regular touch with Investors to create, monitor and

review financial plan and suggest customized solutions for both

investment requirements and to meet financial responsibilities.

Launching Soon

Management Consultancy

Tax Advisory and Return Filing

Loan against securities

Our Investment Strategies and Track Record

Riding the Bull from 2006 to 2007
Switch to Gold in August 2007
Exit from Equity in February 2008
Exit BeEs, Entry in Gold and Index Heavy Weights in May 2009
Exit Gold in November 2009
Exit Gold in November 2009
Exit Equity and create divestment portfolio in January 2010
Create Dividend yield portfolio in February 2010
Exit Divestment portfolio in March 2010
Diversified Portfolio in April 2010
Exit Gold in June 2010
Exit Equity in September 2010
Capture PSU growth with
stock SIP
Capture Future Leaders
with Small and Mid Cap
Mutual Funds
5 step investment in NIFTY
BeEs started at 6k
Composite Portfolio &
strategy for the future
Upcoming industries in a
Developed India